Using the menu listed below we hope that your business or organization will find a way to PARTNER WITH THE GRACE, remembering that tax receipts are available through the Creamery Square Association (CSA).  

There are 12 menu options. 

The 5 Star Partnerships refer to long-term commitments of 5 years.  

Business logos and names of all Partners will be posted on the website, in the venue and on all programs and posters, and with the permission of the Partner. 

Some Partners will be offered complimentary tickets to some shows.  

Partners, who are offered complimentary tickets, must book them ahead of time to guarantee they will be held. 


 A)        Platinum Partner                             $ 10,000  

5 Star Platinum  Partner 

4 complimentary tickets to any shows during the entire season.

 B)        Gold Partner                                      $   8,000

9 Star Gold Partner 

2 complimentary tickets to any shows during the entire season.

 C)        Silver Partner                                                $   6,000

5 Star Silver Partner

4 complimentary tickets to any  5 shows during the season.

 D)        Bronze Partner                                  $   4,000

5 Star Bronze  Partner 

2 complimentary tickets to any  5 shows during the season.

 E)        Professional Show Partner              $   3,000

5 Star Professional Show Partner 

4 complimentary tickets to 2 professional artist shows during the  season.

 F)        Business Partner                              $   2,000

5 Star Business Partner 

4 complimentary tickets to any 2 shows during the season.

 G)        Tourism Partner                              $   2,000

5 Star Tourism Partner 

 This partnership option is a PARTNER WITH THE GRACE package that encourages economic growth and works in co-operation with local organizations. - Hotels, Motels, Bed and Breakfasts and Restaurants.  

The businesses, who enter into this partnership, will be sent The Grace Summer Season line up of shows, in advance of the tourist season.  

The Summer Season (June to August) will guarantee a minimum of six shows to offer their patrons in a package. 

The package would be called, for example: 


The Tourism Partner can advertise rooms with a show, or a meal with a show and their patrons/customers will be offered a discount of 50% on their show tickets, when they present a voucher provided by the Business.  

 H)        Artist Development Partner            $   1,000

5 Star Artist Development Partner 

2 complimentary tickets to any non professional shows during the season.

 I)         Venue Partner                                               $      500

5 Star Venue Partner 

 J)         Purchase a Chair Partner                            $      250       

*50% of this goes to the CSA

A plaque with the purchasers name will go on a theatre seat.

 K)        Friend of the Grace                                     $100 - $400

5 Star Friend of the Grace  

 L)        Small Business Surprise Show                     $    100

                        5 Star Small Business Surprise Show

 This partnership is an option for small businesses.  The Grace will offer a pair of  tickets to a surprise show.  A Winter November/December show  OR  a Summer June/July show.  The businesses would be provided with a sign to place at their cash:            SURPRISE SHOW- PARTNER WITH THE GRACE   

As customers make purchases they could be offered the choice to put their names in a draw for a pair of tickets to the Surprise Show.  The shows would be chosen by The Grace based on availability and other circumstances, and a draw date would be set.  The SURPRISE SHOW would be revealed a week before the draw date.   

Tatamagouche Music Creamery Square


Become a friend of the Grace by purchasing a 2018 Individual Membership.

The cost is only $35 and will get you these great perks:

  • $2 off regular ticket prices for 2017 Performing Arts Series

  • "Treat a Friend" Ticket Voucher for new patrons

  • Voting Privileges at Annual Programming Meeting