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Ivan Fraser Solo Exhibition

Ivan Fraser, born and raised in Nova Scotia, shapes the beauty of the province through his art and photography. Quiet inlets, coves, lakes, forests and the awesome power and majesty of the sea are his favourite subjects. With the forest in his backyard and the ocean in front, these locations were his playground from his early childhood, and are what inspired him to capture the splendour to be shared with others.

Although he dabbled in art from the tender age of eight, it wasn’t until 1981 that he really decided to deepen his passion and turn it into his career. Ivan’s first works were in oil, somewhat of a realistic style. Watercolours fascinated him and, for some time, became his medium of choice. Acrylics and pastels challenged his creativity, adding exciting dimensions to his work.

In 2016, during a creative experimental process, Ivan discovered a whole new element in painting, ranging in style from abstract to impressionistic realism. He aptly named this new technique "Plyatism" which means "the art of creating a painting without the use of brushes." The name has since been submitted to the Urban Dictionary and now is accepted as a new word.

Ivan’s Plyatism art takes on many forms. Part of its true beauty is how everyone who sees it builds their own idea of what each piece is about. His love of the ocean, water and everything connected with it is depicted in his current Plyatism series – 'Joy of Color,' 'Sea of Weed,’ ’Sea Deep,’ ’Ocean Floor,’ ’Abstract Sea,’ ’Fish of Jelly,’ ’Stormy Sea,’ and 'Nebula.'

Having fun with his work is something Ivan loves to do and this is easily seen in his ’Humor’ range of Plyastism images, something that will be sure to tickle your funny bone. Ivan is always gaining inspiration from everything around him, bringing it to life in the colours and forms of his Plyatism work. His first series is just the beginning and Ivan is already working on other very special pieces as his creative juices flow.

Ivan’s many talents stretch far beyond painting into a love of photography and storytelling, most notably with his series of storybooks depicting the life of the mysterious legendary character ‘Peggy of the Cove,’ the books for which can be purchased from Ivan himself at his studio or his ‘Peggy of the Cove’ Museum.

Ivan Fraser's Plyatism exhibition will run from June 1st to 25th at the Ice House Gallery in Creamery Square. Everyone is welcome to attend the "Meet the Artist" opening reception on Thursday, June 1st from 7-9pm.

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Later Event: June 15
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